Appliance Therapy of Snoring and/or Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea can have serious health-related consequences. Sleep apnea involves multiple episodes during which not enough air flows through the respiratory tract when we sleep. The backwall of the throat and tongue block the free flow of air; when the airway is blocked, oxygen is temporarily not supplied to the lungs and the brain is devoid of oxygen. The first symptoms of sleep apnea is loud snoring.

Sleep apnea may cause:

  • chronic sleep disorders
  • morning headaches
  • depression
  • daily fatique
  • impotence
  • difficulties in concentration
  • hypertension
  • stroke
  • palpitations
  • heart attack
  • shorter average life expectancy

The solution recommended by Prospect Dental is the anti-snoring appliance, which worn during sleep ejects the jaw forward and opens the airway.  The appliance:

  • is made individually for you,
  • fits your mouth in a manner that ensures air inhalation,
  • can be adjusted independently,
  • effectively eliminates snoring,
  • is very easy to use,
  • positively affects your overall health.

Snoring has a negative effect on your well being but also makes it difficult to those around you to have a restful night.  The remedy will benefit you, but it will also improve your relationship with your significant other.  It doesn't matter whether you or your partner have the snoring problem - just call us and schedule free consultation today!

Please note that the anti-snoring appliance is covered by most major medical insurance plans. Call our office for details.  We will be happy to verify your coverage eligibility.

To check if you have a snoring problem we will provide you with MediByte® for overnight checkup. MediByte® is a small device that records your body’s level of snoring and sleep apnea. The MediByte® consists of the MediByte® recorder, one or two belts, related cables and accessories. To produce the most reliable results, the patent pending MediByte® meets and exceeds guidelines for home evaluation of snoring and sleep apnea. Rock-solid components, cutting-edge technology and innovative products combine to deliver a home sleep testing solution like no other.

Our well trained personel will provide you with step by step instructions as well as necssary materials.


MediByte® Setup Instructions


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